The people behind this site



Ali and Jon met in 2000 whilst working for a company called Biorobotics. That company got ruined after some Americans bought it, so Ali and Jon have gone on to do other things. One of which is to create websites together. Their main site is As part of the expansion of the 'Whatprice Empire' Jon and Ali have asked Andy (an old school friend of Ali's) to help create a site that looked at all things musical. Hence was born.


Musical Author

Andrew Clark. Master of Arts in English and currently working for Mills and Boon. Andrew write reviews for this site as well as collecting and reviewing other peoples submissions before posting them.


Alastair Taylor. A multi-disciplinary graduate engineer from Cambridge University. Currently working at Syrris as a consultant engineer. Working on the general structure and content of the web-site and specialising in revenue generation. Also continuing the main Whatprice enterprise.



Dr Jonathan Pearson. PhD in Physics (Soft magnetic materials) and currently working on wireless power transfer for Splashpower Ltd in Cambridge, UK. Providing technical know-how and investigating the more novel side to web development. Also continuing the main Whatprice enterprise.