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Dr. Jon Pearson

Dr Jon Pearson


Current Position:Magnetics Engineer at Splashpower Ltd

Date of Birth: 25th February 1972

Educational Achievements

  • PhD in Physics, 1999: Theoretical and experimental magnetism from Bath University (won “Outstanding Research” Award).
  • BSc in Astrophysics, 1994: Upper second class from Leeds University

Industrial Achievements

  • BioRobotics Ltd 2001 – 2003
    • Hands-on management of three projects developing microfluidic dispensing for the manufacture of microarrays.
    • Prototype-to-product using microfabrication techniques such as KOH and plasma etching, laser machining, electroplating, micromoulding, rapid prototyping, injection moulding, LIGA, hot/cold embossing, EDM and conventional CNC. Basic 3D CAD modelling.
    • Built video microscopy system and used high-speed imaging for the evaluation of inkjet devices.
    • Modelling systems using MathCAD, MatLab, Ansys, Excel, VBA, and VB 6.
    • Intellectual property manager for BioRobotics.
    • Lead inventor on 5 patents and named on 1 other.
  •  Cambridge University 1999-2001
    • Successful TCS programme with Cambridge University Engineering Department and BioRobotics Ltd working on new product development in micro-fluidics. Concept-to-customer in 3 months at 15% of the cost of the main competitor. Over £2million sold so far.
  • Bath University Post-doctoral 1998-1999
    • 3 month position working for DERA and Bath University continuing PhD work. (Bridged gap between PHD and TCS)
  • Bath University CASE Award PHD 1995-1998
    • Industrially sponsored Physics PhD with quarterly reports to DERA.
    • Designed and built three computer controlled experimental rigs for measuring the properties of magnetic materials under dynamic loading using a novel non-invasive measurement method.
    • Wrote data acquisition software and VB data-mining macros.
    • Designed and wrote software for modelling hysteresis in magnetic materials under the effects of complex field and stress histories, which predicted an effect previously unseen experimentally.

Transferable skills

  • Project management: Currently managing short, medium and long term projects plus a 2 year TCS program, 3 month postdoctoral and a 3 year PhD. Familiar with Microsoft Project and formal product development methods.
  • People management: Managing 2 colleagues. Previously industrial supervisor on multiple Cambridge University M.Eng. student projects for BioRobotics Ltd.
  • Presentation skills: Technology demonstration to senior management board, given papers at international conferences e.g. SPIE, Intermag and M.M.M., given short course at work and many internal presentations.
  • Personnel skills: Constantly working with people from different backgrounds and fields such as microbiology, engineering, physics, sales, marketing and production

Personal Achievements

  • 2003: Currently teaching Ansys 7.0 multi-physics and learning Pro Engineer.
  • 2003: Co-founder and designer of an up and coming consumer watchdog website.
  • 2002-present: Learning Karate – currently green belt (7th Kyu).
  • 2001: Learnt to ski.
  • 2000: Gained Member status of the Institute of Physics and became a Chartered Physicist.
  • 1999: Deryck Chesterman medal for outstanding research in physics.
  • 1997-98: Captain of the physics 5-a-side football team.
  • 1993: Charity hitchhike to Paris for Leeds Rag week.
  • 1986-1990: Represented Lincolnshire at pool and won over 30 trophies.
  • 1984-1988: In school football, rugby, hockey and athletics teams.


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